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New Director of Passionist NGO at the United Nations

Father John Muthengi, C.P. is a Passionist pries from Kenya, Africa.  He has been appointed as the new director of the Passionist Non Governmental Organization at the United Nations.  He replaces Father Merek Lesseci, C.P. who was elected as a General Consultor to the Superior General in Rome.  He has since left Immaculate Conception here and is now living in Rome. We wish him well in his new ministry and position in our Community.


Monastery Visitation

It is customary for each Passionist Monastery to be visited by the Administration of the Province.  This year the Immaculate Conception Monastery was visited by the Vicar Provincial, Father Enzo Del Bracco, C.P.  The Father Visitor deals with all of the ongoing ministries and functions of the Monastery.  He also give the opportunity for any member of the Community to speak to him.  The Visitation went very well.

Father Rogie Castallano, CP has completed his Master's Degree


Father Rogie Castallano, CP is our Passionist brother from the Philippines.  He has been living 

High Quality Mass Cards


Ways to Order a Mass Card:

  1. Come visit the Monastery
  2. Order via Telephone 1 (718) 739-9337
  3. Visit our Monastery Website at https://www.passionists.us

The Monastery relies on its prayer life to support the elderly priests and brothers who live in Immaculate Conception Monastery, the Health Care House of our Province.  Can we help our loved ones who have died?  Is there anything that we can still do for them?  Can our prayers make a difference?

The answer is, yes.  Pope Benedict said, "It is never too late to touch the heart of another, nor is it ever in vain.  The souls of the departed can receive, 'solace and refreshment' through the Eucharist and through our prayers and charitable deeds.  We believe that our love can reach into the afterlife, that reciprocal giving and receiving is possible.  We believe that our affection for one another continues beyond the limits of death.  It has been a fundamental conviction of Christianity, throughout the ages and it remains a source of comfort today."