Support a Priest or a Brother


With the aging of our priests and brothers and the

increase in health care costs, we are having difficulty

supporting our members.  

We have given our lives to

serve the People of God, now we are asking the People

of God to help us.  

We ask you to choose a priest or 

brother whom you can give a small donation to his 

support, once a month, for one year.  The donor sets 

the amount of the support. 


If you are interested in helping us in this way, please 

contact Fr. Jack Douglas, C.P. Print and mail the form 


Immaculate Conception Monastery, 

86-45 Edgerton Blvd., Jamaica, NY, 11432 - (718) 739-6502. 

Father Jack will  send you a registration form and a list 

of priests and brothers to see if you would like to support 

one of them for a year.  

You will determine the amount.  

You are under no obligation by receiving this information. 


Please make sure to include the information below in your contact:

You are under no obligation:

First and Last Name: _______________________________________

Address: ______________________________ City: ______________

State: ___________________ Zip: _________ Phone: (      )________

Email Address: _________________________


Once you decide to precipitate and we receive your pledge of support, we will send you a color photo of the priest or brother you chose and his biography.  We will send you reports to let you know how your priest or brother is doing.  He will be given your name and will pray for you and your family in a special way.

Thank you sincerely for considering a pledge of support and love.

Father Jack Douglas, C.P., Director: Office of Prayer & Development 

We wish to thank, in a very special way, those who have pledged support for our Priests and Brothers

Jean Alfano, Patricia Ashley, Anonymous, Salvatore Amato.

Ellen Bryceland, Father James Barry, C.P., Eugene Biedermann,

​Catholic War Veterans - St Margaret's Post 1172, Barry E. Collins, Anonymous Carmelite, Donna Kenedy-Campbell.  Helen Secreti

Marie DaCosta, Kenneth Daly, Richard Dowd, Dr. Richard N. DeVita, 

Douglas & Minda Ealdama,

Cecilia Fernando, Edward & Vivian Freeh. 

Barbara George,  Gene Golumbiewski,  Loraine Grasso, Kathy Jennen-Guidal, Ann Marie Gailis, 

​Patricia B. Haley, Orlando & Berta Hernandez, Mary Hoagland, William Howard, Paul Hudak,

​Catherine Kalman, Gilbert & Gwendolyn Kelly, John Kennedy. 

​Peter Madero, Joseph & Mary Ann Mattone, Gene & Jean Marie Messer, Alfred Migone, James and Rosemary Murphy.  Charles and Judy Sutton.

​Dahila Nichols, Tom Fitzpatrick,  Robert & Maureen Bruncati,  Margrat Quinlin.

Raul Pasaoa, Mayah S. Paurom, Olivia C. Paurom, Nacianceno Penalosa, Stephen P. Pitiewicz,

Adolfo & Pauline Reid, Jose Raul Reyes,  Lorraine and Joseph Levano

​Valeska Sather, Justina Simondac, Barbara Svitik.  Mr. & Mrs. John Brancato.

Anthony Tabone, Harry & Maureen Theyard, 

​Raymond & Marie Villanueva, Henry Vives.

​John & Cheryl Warga, Patrick & Arleen Alu.

Maureen & Richard Berger, Mary Rossman.

​​​We are very grateful to you and we remember you in our Prayers and Masses.  May God truly bless you.


"What so ever you do to the least of my people, That you do unto me."